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TORAus StockHatch Series 1 - Rules and Regulations

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TORAus StockHatch Series 1 - Rules and Regulations

Post by DTechR on Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:14 am

Welcome to the 2016 TORAus StockHatch - Series 1

Series Organizers: EZT Neo 45, EZT MAKO 6669
Series Support Team: TBD

Mondays: 20:30 EST / 01:30 GMT (UK) / 09:30 West OZ (Tue)

This championship will be contested using Forza Motorsport 6 on XboxOne and will consist of eight rounds. Before you decide to enter the series, please take the time to read the Rules & Regulations very carefully.

By registering for the series, you agree to the rules and regulations as written in this thread. TORA reserves the right to alter the Rules & Regulations as necessary for the purpose of fairness and clarity in the competition.


1.1 Motor racing, as defined by TORA, is a non-contact sport. It is understandable that, on occasion, some contact may occur as a consequence of incidents caused by either party; for instance "lag." At TORA, lag is defined as sudden high internet latency or ping causing visual inconsistencies between players.

1.2 Competitors with lag issues will not be penalized, but will be asked to improve their connection for future participation in TORA events. If the issue is persistently hindering other competitors’ experience, or you cannot join lobbies (see rule 14.0), please perform a speed test on your connection via Once you have completed this, see the Connection Section.

1.3 TORA expects every competitor who partakes in our championships to behave in an appropriate and respectable manner. Insulting comments or behaviour towards fellow competitors, race stewards, lobby hosts, or staff is unacceptable and will be dealt with severely by TORA Staff. Respectable on-track etiquette is expected of all competitors. This includes on-track battles, track limits, dirty driving, etc.

1.4 All TORA members must read the TORA Sporting Regulations.


This will be a championship fought by each driver for themselves. The points at the end of this series will be their final points total and will result in their position in the standings at the end of the series. There is one dropped round for this championship.

It is not required to be in a team to participate, but teams are supported. A team must have three drivers, each driving a different car, with the two best point scoring drivers contributing to the team for that race meeting. Teams are frozen when the Sign-up period has closed, or when a driver runs his first race. Team points are based off the regular points scheme, with one dropped round from the final total.

This will be a championship fought by drivers who are not registered with a team (will be designated as Privateer if team is incomplete). The points at the end of this series will be their final points total and will result in their position in the standings at the end of the series. There is one dropped round for this championship.

The dropped round will be the lowest score in each of the three championships. This includes scores of zero points as we understand that, on occasion, Real Life may not permit a driver to attend every race.


This series has defined rules about liveries that drivers must adhere to in-order to race in this series. Failure to do so may result in a penalty or disqualification. The livery rules are defined in the Livery and Decal Rules thread.


This series has a defined list of cars and build rules that drivers must adhere to in order to race in this series. Failure to do so may result in a penalty or disqualification. The car rules are defined in the Official Car List and Car Build Specifications thread.


5.1 All drivers are not required to sign in before each race. Upon registration, each participant will be assigned to a qualifying lobby with a designated host and backup host. See Room Host and Driver Allocation thread.

5.2 Registrations close 60 minutes before the meeting starts. Drivers will not be permitted to race in that meeting if they attempt to register after this time.

5.3 The series organizer reserves the right to permit or deny specific drivers after the time stated in 5.2 depending on circumstances.


6.1 The race may be split into multiple lobbies, named A-Z, depending on the amount of drivers who have registered. Each lobby will be hosted by chosen members of the Marshals, Community Team or Staff.

6.2 Marshals who have registered to the race may be expected to host a lobby if no other hosts are available.

6.3 For each lobby, a specific Marshal, Community Team or Staff member will be given "Lobby Marshal" status, whether or not they are hosting the lobby (if none of the aforementioned members are available, the lobby host will be given the status). They will be responsible for collecting times, race positions, reading the start grid and rules, and deciding whether or not a race restart is required.

6.4 The lobby settings must be abided by, and can be found here.


Each driver must have a certified lap achieved on their first lap. A slow cautionary lap must be carried out by every driver, staying on the track and away from the grass, curbs, and walls. If the lap becomes non-certified, the driver will have to sacrifice another lap to achieve this very simple task--so go slow and be careful. All non-certified times will be placed behind certified times in order of fastest to slowest.

7.2 Qualifying sessions will consist of seven laps total; one warm-up lap, five timed laps, one cool-down lap. Please space out on the opening lap to give each other room so you can all have clear, unimpeded qualifying laps.
7.2.1 LAG OUT:
Any driver that lags out or leaves the session after the first timed lap (i.e. Lap 2 or after) will have their best time used as displayed by the results screen. Any driver that lags out or leaves the session prior to the first timed lap, there will be a restart of the qualifying session.
If you are late on arrival for qualifying, you may still get to qualify with a reduced three laps (one warm-up and two timed laps) upon Series Organizers’ discretion. If it holds up Race Night proceedings however, you will not be able to qualify and will be placed at the back of the grid.

7.3 All drivers must stop on the first corner of the circuit on the cool-down lap for the Lobby Marshal or host to record the times.

7.4 The Lobby Marshal will input the times into the relevant document, or pass on the information to someone who can.

7.5 All qualifying will be conducted in the DAY on DRY tracks.


8.1 Please check the season calendar for track confirmation.

8.2 The start of the race will be a Standing start.

8.3.1 In each lobby, drivers will complete one parade lap to set the grid according to their qualifying times. The parade lap is included in the number of laps for the night's race.
8.3.2 The race begins at a set time on the race timer.

8.4 RESTARTS: A driver lags out within the first two laps (excluding the parade lap); or Racing collision involving four or more cars during the first two laps (excluding the parade lap); or Large lag-related crash occurs within the first two laps (excluding the parade lap); or Lobby set up incorrectly
8.4.2 A driver lags out during the parade lap
8.4.3 Maximum of two restarts, excluding original start attempt

If a driver does not complete the race through whatever reason (lag out, rage quit, etc), the driver will be classified as a retirement. Their finishing position will be determined by the 75% rule. If they retire before 75% race completion, they will receive last placed points overall with the lap they retired on determining their position among other drivers of a similar situation. If they retire after 75% race completion, they will receive last placed points for their lobby.


9.1 There is one mandatory pit stop during the race (unless otherwise indicated for a specific track). The mandatory pit must be completed after the first five laps (including the parade lap) and before the last five laps (e.g. for a 37 lap race, the pit window is between Lap 5 and Lap 32).

9.2 Drivers are permitted to pit at their own accord to refuel and change tyres, or if they have damage to their car or wish to retire.
9.2.1 If during a night race both headlights are damaged in a single incident, the driver must pit as soon as possible to repair the headlights. This does not count towards the mandatory pit stop.

9.3 Whenever a driver enters or leaves the pits, they must call this out to the rest of the lobby. They must also stay on the tarmac at all times and try not to cut the pit entrance. When exiting the pit lane, stay to the side until reaching racing speed. Do not feed onto the racing line because this is dangerous.


Standard safety car rules will not be in effect for this series.


Standard SI rules in force. Please refer to TORA Sporting Regulations.


This will be the points system for the championship and will be the same in the DRIVER, PRIVATEER, and TEAM standings.

1 bonus point = Winner of a Room other than Room A


The championship will race on the dates as listed in the Race Calendar thread.


14.1 Please be online and ready to race at 20:30 EST / 01:30 GMT (UK) / 09:30 West OZ (Tue). All drivers will get an invite from their room host. If invite not received by 20:40 EST / 01:40 GMT (UK) / 09:40 West OZ (Tue), please inform the Series Organizer or Support Staff. Qualifying will take place promptly at 15 minutes before the hour.

14.2 If the driver cannot join the Qualifying session in time, they will start at the back of the grid in the race.

14.3 If the driver cannot connect to race room, they will receive last placed points for their qualifying room upon completing the Connection Conflict Resolution procedure. This will be for the first conflict only. Additional conflicts will result zero points.


Sometimes a meeting may have to be postponed. The meeting may be cancelled, or pushed back on the calendar. The entirety of this rule is at the discretion of the series organizer.


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